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Mar 10, 2014

Back in December on the BROcast, we were introduced to a man named Chet Haegele on our first ever minisode. He bounced from college to college each semester and in his words, he crushes shit to the face. He is now attending the University of Miami and flew me out from Philly to come hang out. I got to sit down with Chet, his buddy J-Rod (whose is not a big fan of Topher) and a mysterious man wearing a black hoodie whom I like to refer to as, Black Hoodie. Things got intense during our short interview but everyone made it out in one piece. Please enjoy and tell everyone you know to check out BROcast!

"Robert's Bastards" performed by Undergun

* Check out Undergun's track 'Robert's Bastards' at the end of this week's minisode *

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