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Apr 7, 2014

BROcast is back and poppin' cherries with a first time guest along with some fan favorites. Joining me this week for the podcast are Dennis Dougherty (from BROcast #11: "Left Nipple Required For Access"), Nick "Suck It" Cullen, and making first visit to the show, Jared Shafer (he puts the 'He' in 'Hebrew'). Some topics touched in the beginning of the podcast include an "Ultra" task for Nick, Toph putting people on the spot, Pete vs. Peter, Beethoven (the movie not the composer unfortunately), and the frumpy show, 'Girls'. We then hop into 'Toph's Twitter Favorites', 'The Interrogation' and close out the show with another round of 'The Movie Info Game'. Hope everyone enjoys it! Shalom!

"Now You're a Man (Cover)" performed by Tony Dickinson

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