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Apr 21, 2014

BROcast is back and joining me this week for the podcast are Chuck Haegele along with David Winton and Nick "Suck It" Cullen. Some topics discussed in the the podcast include talk of Chuck and Nick's bad ass gang, Tuff Chuck and da Boyz and their arch nemesis, Skull Breath and Road Kill. We discuss The Undertaker losing at WrestleMania, Dave and his many friends with the name Bill, and bowling with a baby and WALKERS!!!!! Segments include 'Toph's Twitter Favorites', 'Nick's Fun Facts', 'The Interrogation' and we close out the show with another round of the game, 'Gimme 3'. So steal some chicken and fries and initiate yourself into BROcast #18 ... Tuff Chuck and da Boyz!


"Undergun" performed by Undergun


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