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Jun 9, 2014

Summer is in full motion and we are back again this week with an all new BROcast! Joining me this week for the show is first time guest, Andrew McCormick (Drew-Bop) along with two regulars to the show, Nick Cullen (Nick-Bop) and Chuck Haegele (just Chuck). We start the episode off with some open discussion which involves the rods of NFL athletes, Chuck being on the fence about a certain subject matter, and growers, not showers. Other segments include 'Toph's Twitter Favorites', 'The List' where we discuss The Top 10 TV BROmances and we close out the show with another round of 'Legit or Bullshit'.

Hopefully you have enough juice in the tank, because it's time to get off on each other! Enjoy BROcast #22: "It's Not Gay ... If You're Friends!"


"Omerta" performed by Undergun

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