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Nov 17, 2014

We are back this week with another BROcast After Dark. Each week on the show, we start off with some open discussion and then go onto different segments. For BROcast After Dark, it's all open discussion. A late night recording involving some cocktails and some stories from the guests. For the fourth BROcast After Dark, I am joined by James Morozin, Josh Winton, and Nick Cullen. Some topics discussed in the episode include: milkshakes (a beautiful metaphor), Star Wars, Calista Flockheart, sexiest costume party, daylight savings time, short female haircuts, gym teachers, Bud Light Platinums, embarassing yourself in front of the opposite sex, Tinderfessions, movies, character development, incognito mode, why Tumblr and Instagram chump Facebook, and more...


"Hanging On" performed by Valley Lodge


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