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Apr 14, 2014

Back in December on the BROcast, we were introduced to a man named Chet Haegele on our first ever mini episode (BROcast Minisode #1: "Meet Chet"). He bounced from college to college each semester and in his words, he crushes shit to the face. We last met up with him in Miami (BROcast Minisode #3: "Miami Mischief"). But now, Chet is back! He stopped through the studio with 2 friends recently while on their way to the UCONN campus to party and watch the National Championship Game. I got to sit down with Chet, Chip and Trayvon for a little while to talk about how they all met and about their current road trip. Things got a little wild and crazy during our short sit down but what else is new. Please enjoy and then we're all going mudding!!!

"Bernadette" performed by Undergun

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