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Dec 1, 2014

Time for another shake up here on BROcast this week. Instead of following the normal routine of having on 3 male guests, this week I will be having on 3 female guests. Something I like to refer to as a good, old BROADcast. Same layout as a normal episode, just with a female perspective. Joining me is my wife, Christa McCann, along with returning guest, Samantha Murray Cullen AKA Shorti and first time guest, Robin Schneider. We start off the episode with a little open discussion. We then hop into 'Toph's Twitter Favorites', 'The List', where we discuss the Top 10 Female Vocalists, and we close the show with a little game called 'What's That Song?'. Oh BOY!!!


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"O Christmas Tree" performed by Amil Byleckie


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