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Jul 20, 2015

** Get ready for Sharknado 3 by checking out our Sharknado 2 episode from last summer! Look for our Sharknado 3 episode to drop this Thursday, July 23rd! **


We are back with another "BROcast Presents" Movie Night: We've Made a Huge Mistake! The movie we are doing this month is SyFy's huge summer sequel, Sharknado 2: The Second One. I only had two guests for this movie and they are the amazing, Josh Winton and the equally amazing, Nick Cullen. Join me as I pronounce Ian Ziering's name wrong the entire episode (should of just refered to him as Steve Sanders - - if you don't get that reference, move along), we talk about Tara Reid, Mark McGrath, Vivica A. Fox, but mainly, MOMENTUM!



Sugar Ray does not perform "Every Morning" in this movie either! (THAT WAS THE REAL HUGE MISTAKE!)


"(The Ballad of) Sharknado" performed by Quint


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