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Apr 28, 2014

We are back for another, "BROcast Presents" Movie Night: We've Made A Huge Mistake! A terrible movie is watched and then we talk about that very movie on the podcast. My guests are James Morozin, Sean Winton and Nick Cullen to talk about the movie "The Last Stand" from 2013 starring the one and only, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movie is about a leader of a drug cartel busting out of a courthouse and speeding to the Mexican border, where the only thing in his path is a sheriff and his inexperienced staff. We end the show with 'The Re-Review' where we pull some reviews from the internet to see what others had to say about this movie. Enjoy your typical movie cliches, one-liners, slicked back hair bad guys, and a bunch of sass!

Sean Winton: "I love this movie!"  


"Long Road Ahead" performed by Undergun 


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