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Nov 3, 2014

We may have made a few HUGE mistakes along the way, but we are here to celebrate the one year anniversary of the show! I was joined by a 11 guests that have all been on the show this past year and they are David Winton, Nick Cullen, Pete Scott, Shane Dougherty, Christa McCann, James Morozin, Vince DeVice, Sean Winton, Chuck Haegele, Jared Shafer and Josh Winton. We hear about some of the guests' favorite moments of the show. We discuss the mini episodes, movie nights, after darks and favorite episode titles. So sharpen up your math skills, and don't be like those bad kids in the back of the class because this is what life is all about! Diversity! Don't worry, it will all make sense soon enough!  


"Say Goodbye" performed by ABSRDST 


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