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Nov 9, 2015

It has been in the works for awhile, but this week I've got the band Undergun on the show. I'm joined by members, Chuck Haegele, Bill Carley and Brian Cleary. We start off hearing about what the boys have been up to this summer. We then talk about how the band was formed, their first show, their albums, and much more. We inevitably get into 'Toph's Twitter Favorites' but only do a few tweets before we end part one of our Undergun adventure. So give it a listen and check back next week for part two!

Stick around at the end of the episode for Undergun performing an acoustic version of their single 'Ten Cigarettes'


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"Undergun" performed by Undergun (Intro)

"Ain't Dead" performed by Undergun (Outro)


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